What to Consider When Hiring an Appellate Attorney

Here’s what to look out for when seeking an appellate lawyer to handle your case.

A guilty verdict at the trial court shouldn’t be the end of the road, especially if you believe that the court didn’t properly handle your case. You have a second chance to appeal. However, the appellate process can be challenging, which is why you need to hire an experienced appellate attorney to present a compelling case to the court

An appellate lawyer will help you prove that there was a legal error during the trial process. However, sometimes it can be challenging to find an appellate lawyer who has the experience that you need. Here’s what to look out for when seeking an appellate lawyer to handle your case.

Experience and Objectivity

Beyond personal traits like integrity, appellate lawyers are defined by their ability to practice appellate law. Your appellate attorney needs to bring objectivity and fresh perspective to your case. It would be best to work with a logical deliberator capable of making judgments about your current position.

You need to choose a lawyer with experience in similar appellate proceedings. It’s essential to inquire about the attorney’s experience in appellate law and cases that he or she previously handled. Appellate law is distinct from trial law and requires sharp writing skills, diligent researching skills, and a working knowledge of the appellate process. 


The hallmark of a great appellate attorney is his or her skills of persuasion. To succeed on the appellate level, an attorney must be able to persuasively present arguments in favor of his or her client’s position both orally and in writing. Look for an attorney who is able to clearly explain the law as it applies to the specific facts of your case.


A good appellate lawyer should be able to crystalize information about your case and the laws governing it. With this foundational knowledge, an appellate lawyer should think out of the box to craft compelling arguments on your behalf. The most common analytical skills every appellate should have include research, data analysis, organization and, of course, strong communication.


An attorney's job is to communicate, whether that be the facts of a case at trial or the law on appeal. You need an attorney who can communicate effectively and persuasively with the judges at the appellate court. Look for an attorney that has experience writing appellate briefs and has presented oral arguments in appellate court.

Hiring An Ellis County Appellate Attorney Today

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