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Foster Massengill, PLLC is a civil litigation law firm that serves clients throughout Ellis County in a variety of contexts. Read more about our services by using the links below.

Ellis County Civil Litigation Attorney

Civil Litigation

Personal injury, construction defects, business disputes - these are just a few of the types of civil cases that can end up in a courtroom. We look at your objectives - both legal and personal - to achieve a positive resolution to your legal issues.

Ellis County Family Law Attorney

Family Law Attorney in Waxahachie

We understand that family matters can be emotional and stressful, especially when it involves the legal system. At Foster Massengill, PLLC, we are committed to using a collaborative, common sense approach to resolve every case.

Ellis County Business Attorney

Business Law

Our office helps local businesses by providing general civil litigation services, assistance with entity formation, contracts, negotiations, and regulatory compliance.

Ellis County Landlord Tenant Attorney

Landlord Tenant Law in Waxahachie

Our law firm represents both landlords and tenants in leasing disputes and are prepared to fight for your rights, whether it involves negotiating a resolution with the other party or taking your case to court.

Ellis County Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning

Estate planning is about far more than just preparing documents and checking yet another item off your list: it is a powerful way to protect your family and ensure your legacy lives on.

Ellis County Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation can involve a wide variety of commercial disputes. Regardless of the subject matter of the litigation, our law firm works with clients to find solutions that work for them.

Ellis County Construction Litigation Attorney

Construction Litigation

Each construction project comes with multiple parties and contracts, which opens the door for disagreements and litigation.

Ellis County Contracts Attorney

Contracts Attorney

Why have a contract if it is not enforceable? You may be able to create a contract on your own, but hiring an attorney is the only way to ensure a contract is complete, enforceable, and best serves the needs of your business.

Ellis County Employment Dispute Attorney

Employer and Employee Disputes

Disputes between employers and employees can be complex. The employer’s response to a complaint or allegation can impact how quickly the issue is resolved, the cost of resolution, and whether the business can move forward.

Ellis County Business Law Mediation Attorney

Business Law Mediation

Not only is mediation a more civilized way of breaking down and solving business disputes, but it’s also a much more cost-effective option. Litigation can be incredibly costly and can often lead to more disputes between the parties involved.

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