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Are you purchasing a home or commercial property? Still trying to figure out what your next steps are? As an official Lawyers Title office, Foster Massengill PLLC can guide you through the closing process and protect your purchase.

When you purchase real estate or property, you also purchase the title and pay for a title examination. At Foster Massengill, we’ll perform a title examination, including evaluating your right to use the property and identifying any encroachments or restrictions. By doing this, you’ll have the right to occupy, use, transfer interest, or modify the property however you’d like. 

What is a Title Examination?

If you’re a buyer or a seller, having a title is crucial in a real estate transaction. Before closing, our experienced attorneys will examine your title and evaluate any restrictions, easements, encroachments, or other things limiting the transfer of ownership. 

We’ll also look at mortgages on the property and determine if any outstanding balances must be satisfied before closing can occur. At this point, if there are any concerns regarding the title, we’ll address them with you and formulate a plan to right any wrongs. 

What is Title Insurance? 

Title insurance protects buyers in the event of a problem with the title. After conducting our title examination, we’ll provide a title commitment about the status of the title. If this commitment is accepted, we’ll issue a title commitment that includes the terms, conditions, and exclusions that’ll be included in your insurance policy. 

The title commitment also acts as a “to-do” list of things we’ll need to clarify and satisfy to ensure a clear title to the property. Once these steps have been completed and all documents have been recorded, the title policy will be issued. 

Additionally, having experienced legal help can be beneficial when it comes time to pay your title. The total cost of title insurance depends on the property’s buying price and the premiums paid at closing. This step can seem overwhelming if this is your first time purchasing real estate or larger property. Next, we’ll walk you through the closing process and give you an idea of how much your title will cost. 

A Lawyers Title Office

Real estate transactions can be complicated, so at Foster Massengill, we want to make sure that our clients have the resources and guidance as they complete the purchase of a property. This is where Lawyers Title comes in. Foster Massengill serves as a fee office with Lawyers Title Insurance Company, protecting both residential and commercial real estate transaction.

Along with title insurance, escrow, and closing services, we are also able to provide guidance regarding title-related services such as: 

  • Reconveyances
  • Recordings
  • Attorney Services 
  • Flood Certification 
  • Credit Reporting 
  • Collection & Trust 
  • Trustee Sales Guarantees
  • Real Estate Tax Service 
  • Foreclosure Publishing & Posting 
  • Exchange Intermediary Services 
  • Real Estate Information & Technology Services 

In addition to helping home-buyers, Lawyers Title helps lenders, builders, developers, and real estate professionals grow their businesses. Foster Massengill offers a competitive edge by being a Lawyers Title office. 

Do I need a Texas Title Attorney? 

A title attorney’s purpose is to help finalize and assist you in securing title insurance. Without the proper legal representation, you might end up paying for debt that isn’t yours, potentially losing the property due to encroachment or losing ownership of the property altogether. 

At Foster Massengill, we take the time to recognize the needs of each client to provide professional and experienced title services in order to protect your property or real estate investment. 

Call us today, or message us through the website to schedule your consultation today.

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