How a Business Lawyer Can Help

Running a business can bring on complex legal and financial challenges. This is where an experienced attorney can prove invaluable guidance to you and your business.

Running a business can bring on complex legal and financial challenges. This is where an experienced attorney can prove invaluable guidance to you and your business. They can help you navigate regulations, contracts, taxes, liability issues, etc. With the right legal guidance, you gain peace of mind to focus on your business's growth and success.

Consider bringing a business attorney on your team, whether you’re just starting up or find yourself expanding. Their skills and counsel will help steer your business through obstacles so you can fully realize your vision. 

What Does A Business Lawyer Do?

Business lawyers can help you with legal matters related to businesses and corporate entities. A skilled business attorney can assist you in navigating legal complexities and provide legal guidance that can protect your interests, minimize risks, and maximize business opportunities.

Regardless of the size or type of your business, an attorney can help you in numerous ways, including the following:

Business Formation And Structuring

Starting a business is a complex process that requires careful planning, informed decision-making, and adhering to various legal requirements. Whether you are setting up a limited liability company, a corporation, a partnership, or any other entity, an attorney can help you choose the proper legal structure for your business in Texas.

With vast knowledge and experience, an attorney will ensure that your company is established in a legally compliant manner. Ennis County business attorney at Foster Massengill, PLLC, can help you with the following tasks:

  • Advice on the best model for your business
  • Handle the legal requirements and paperwork involved in registering your business
  • Advise on personal liability protections and tax implications
  • Provide legal advice throughout the business formation process

Contract Drafting and Review

Contracts are most certainly the foundation of business agreements and transactions. Whether these contracts involve partners, vendors, clients, or employees, a business lawyer can draft and review these agreements to protect your interests and ensure compliance with relevant laws. Typical business contracts your lawyer can help draft include:

  • Employment agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Property and equipment leases
  • Security agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Indemnity agreements
  • Nondisclosure agreements

Business Transactions

Your attorney can play a vital role in facilitating business transactions. They provide legal counsel and ensure that business transactions are conducted smoothly, effectively, and in compliance with the law.

A lawyer can also help negotiate business deals and conduct due diligence on the other parties involved to ensure no pending lawsuits or undisclosed liabilities.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents are valuable assets for your business. A skilled business attorney can help you protect this property by drafting licensing agreements, filing patent agreements, registering trademarks, and enforcing intellectual property rights in case of infringement.

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